Aura Aero


Conscious of the climate challenges that aviation is facing today and will face tomorrow, we are committed to contribute to the objective of reducing emissions by 55% in 2035 and reaching carbon neutrality in 2050.

Reduce, re-use, recycle

• Manufacturing, operation, maintenance, dismantling
• Use of bio-sourced and / or recycled materials
• Natural fibers
• Batteries: 2nd and 3rd life

Reduction of emissions

• With ERA (Electric Regional Aircraft), zero in-flight emission for flight of less than 150 km (80NM)
• - 40% estimated emissions on all of regional European flights (source: based on our internal assumptions)

On the path towards carbon neutrality

• Short flights < 400 km (INTEGRAL E / ERA)
• Regional flights < 1500 km (ERA)

Circular economy

• Local production facilities
• Commitment for a joint approach with our suppliers and conveyors
• Objectives: neutral and positive energy buildings