Aura Aero

A sustainable approach

Conscious of the climate challenges that aviation is facing today and will face tomorrow, we are committed to contribute to the objective of reducing emissions by 55% in 2030 and reaching carbon neutrality in 2050. Together, let's decarbonise aviation. How can we achieve this?

Reduce, re-use, recycle

Beyond optimizing raw material consumption and reducing waste, our Research & Development teams prioritize the selection of bio-sourced and/or recycled materials from the design and manufacture stages of our aircraft. The revalorisation of our material offcuts, waste and end-of-life aircraft is also one of our core concerns. That's why we're working with a number of partners to develop this approach.


Reduction of emissions

We are committed to reducing our direct and indirect emissions, through the design and manufacture of our products and in all our decisions and activities that contribute to the development of our company.
For example, the ERA (Electric Regional Aircraft), which is due to enter service before 2030, will reduce in-flight emissions by 80% for a 200NM mission, compared with a current 19-seater aircraft, which is 100% SAF-compatible.
Consideration of this issue within our supply chain has also led us to implement a circular economy.

AuraFactory ©Brunerie

Circular economy

The consideration of emissions and all the environmental impacts at the heart of our supply chain and our activities leads us to make a careful selection of our suppliers. Today, over 80% of our suppliers are French!

In keeping with our original approach, we are continuing to grow in the heart of Toulouse-Francazal airport, with the construction of a new plant, AURA Factory, that will be integrated into the surrounding area, particularly its landscape and biodiversity. Together with the Brunerie architectural company, we are committed to ensuring that the carbon impact of this new industrial site is as limited as possible.

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A commited team

Our team is committed and works daily to develop an ethical and responsible company for a more sustainable world. To achieve this, we are taking all our partners on board and becoming involved in collective initiatives such as the AZEA (European Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation), the aim of which is to prepare for the entry into service of low-carbon aircraft.

We are aiming to obtain the B-Corp label, a certification that recognises the most committed companies FOR the world! This label, which encourages a continuous improvement approach, is an opportunity for us to challenge our choices on a daily basis!