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A strategic initiative to advise the EU’s leadership in global transport innovation

Jérémy Caussade, CEO and co-founder of AURA AERO, the French aircraft manufacturer and pioneer in low-carbon aviation, is one of the 16 CEOs and Founders from Europe’s most influential private mobility companies and startups who launched yesterday the EU Future Mobility Taskforce.

Launched during a meeting with the European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, the Taskforce aims at matching the innovations of these companies with the strategic objectives of the EU, particularly in terms of fair competition within the EU as well as against the background of increasing global competition in the transportation sector.

Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean welcomed the initiative, stating, “Today marked the launch of the EU Future Mobility Taskforce, where 16 CEOs and Founders from Europe’s top private mobility unicorns and startups joined forces. In a dynamic meeting, we delved into the needs of our transport innovators and explored ground-breaking initiatives like Drone Strategy 2.0 and future Hyperloop regulatory frameworks. The European Union is boosting financial support for transportation innovators and startups through Horizon Europe cluster 5 and EIT Urban Mobility. The European Innovation Council, with a EUR 10 billion budget, is calling on transport entrepreneurs to apply”.

Jérémy Caussade added: “Since the launch of AURA AERO, we make a point of working hand in hand with partners who share our vision of the aircraft of tomorrow. What better way to do this than this European alliance, to share our experience and our know-how in order to accelerate the decarbonization of transport and especially aviation?”.

Initiated by Bolt and Cabify, the Taskforce unites 16 companies across shared mobility, EV charging, maglev rail, coach, cargo and air mobility sectors, in the field of transport innovation and deep-tech. Companies united in the taskforce share the common goal to meet increased consumer demand, and to make mobility more sustainable, affordable and connected. Common challenges include outdated and fragmented regulation, lack of enforcement, market entry barriers, access to finance, and data accessibility. While Europe has pioneered significant mobility advancements notably thanks to a competitive environment in a Single Transport Market, it now faces the crucial challenge of fully leveraging next gen solutions alongside existing ones, and scaling these innovations on the global stage. 

The primary goal of the EU Future Mobility Taskforce is to inform and provide guidance to EU policymakers for the next legislative mandate in the area of innovation and startups in the transportation sector. The Taskforce’s first input will be a comprehensive report that encapsulates the collective insights and recommendations of its members, which will be presented to Commissioner Vălean in Spring. This is a significant step towards shaping a future where European innovation in mobility is not only sustained but also accelerated, ensuring Europe’s continued leadership in global transport innovation.

The companies who have already joined the initiative are (alphabetically): Aura Aero, Bolt, Cabify, CARTO, Dronamics, EVBOX, EV Connect, Fastned, Flix, Lilium, MaasGlobal, Nevomo, OTIV, Volocopter, Voi and Virta, and it is open to other similar companies who may wish to join.


A pioneer in low-carbon aviation, AURA AERO is committed to serve mankind by designing and manufacturing aircraft that accelerate air transport decarbonization, by industrializing disruptive technologies resolutely focused on the aviation of tomorrow. Combining the best in the aeronautical industry and digital technologies, AURA AERO manufactures aircraft that offer unrivaled efficiency on the market of eco-efficient vehicles. 

Founded in 2018, AURA AERO is based at Toulouse-Francazal airport, France, and employs 200 people. In addition to its many shareholders, the manufacturer is supported by the Occitanie Region, the BPI (French Public Investment Bank) and venture capital firm Innovacom.AURA AERO is a member of the steering committee of AZEA (Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation), a European Union initiative.

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