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AURA AERO launches its first European crowdfunding campaign: become a shareholder and contribute to decarbonizing air transport!



AURA AERO is launching its first European crowdfunding campaign, via Crowdcube, in parallel with its main fundraising.

This possibility to invest, even if modestly, is open to all, and will enable French and European subscribers to support the development of the company, while giving AURA AERO the opportunity to not only raise new funds, but also rally a community around its collective and human adventure. 

This campaign will be in addition to the support which the company has received since its inception, from private shareholders and bondholders as well as the French State, the Occitanie Region, the BPI (French Public Investment Bank) and venture capital firm Innovacom. Thanks to this support, AURA AERO has already raised 70M € in the past five years.

Since its launch in 2018, the aircraft manufacturer has passed many steps and industrial milestones, and almost 250 collaborators are taking part in this success today: 

INTEGRAL program:
Two aircraft (INTEGRAL R and INTEGRAL S) are already flying and their certification, as well as the first deliveries, are expected this year;
The first flight of the 3rd aircraft, INTEGRAL E (electric two-seater), will take place in the upcoming days;

ERA program:
● The program has passed MG4 in the first quarter of this year, validating the different architectural choices for materials and systems. Therefore, ERA has entered its detailed design phase, with commitments from the main industrial partners;
● AURA AERO has received decisive support from EASA, with the signature of a “Pre Application Contract” aimed at preparing ahead of time the future frame for the aircraft’s certification;
● The manufacturer has also signed a cooperation agreement with Airbus Protect, the Airbus subsidiary specializing in risk management, in view of the aircraft’s certification;
● Interest in ERA is still strong, with letters of intent for a total of almost 500 aircraft, an order book valued at almost 8 Bn $ ;

● The company will generate its first revenues as soon as INTEGRAL R receives certification, leading to the first deliveries, by the end of this year;
● The manufacturer has received PART 21G (production) and PART 21J (industrial design) agreements.

Jérémy Caussade, CEO of AURA AERO, says: « Because everyone can contribute to the decarbonization of air transport, AURA AERO gives the possibility to each to subscribe to this crowdfunding campaign, according to their means. We are convinced that any support, whatever it may be, can make a difference and enable us to take a new step in our development. And because every little helps, let’s create, all together, tomorrow’s low-carbon aviation! ».



The crowdfunding campaign will run until the end of June. To find out more and contribute:

Note: Investing in startups and early stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.


A pioneer in low-carbon aviation, AURA AERO is committed to serve mankind by designing and manufacturing aircraft that accelerate air transport decarbonization, by industrializing disruptive technologies resolutely focused on the aviation of tomorrow. Combining the best in the aeronautical industry and digital technologies, AURA AERO manufactures aircraft that offer unrivaled efficiency on the market of eco-efficient vehicles. 

Founded in 2018, AURA AERO is based at Toulouse-Francazal airport, France, and employs 250 people. In addition to its many shareholders, the manufacturer is supported by the Occitanie Region, the BPI (French Public Investment Bank) and venture capital firm Innovacom. Laureate of the France Relance and France 2030 programs, AURA AERO is a member of the steering committee of AZEA (Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation), a European Union initiative, and is one of the 16 founder-companies of the European Future Mobility Taskforce, launched in January 2024.

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