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Air Menuiserie obtains FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) recognition for its exclusive CAP 10B repair technique


Air Menuiserie, a firm belonging to AURA AERO and based in Bernay, France, has just received FAA recognition for the USA of the GM200 technique to repair the CAP 10B. This enables pilots and owners of this type of aircraft to use this spar repair technique and have it recognized, thus restoring the entire flight domain of the aircraft.

Indeed, a recommendation by the DSAC (French civil aviation safety authority) recommended, in 2014, the repair of the CAP 10B spar. The GM200 process, developed exclusively by Air Menuiserie, was recognized that year by the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency).

The GM200 repair consists in adding carbon strips above and under the spar of the wing in order to reinforce it. This enables to eliminate periodical inspections of the spar flange on the upper surface of the wing. The CAP 10B designation therefore becomes CAP 10 BK.

Thanks to an expertise of over 40 years in repair, restoration and manufacturing of wood and wood/composite aircraft, Air Menuiserie, approved by the EASA and the DGAC, is the only firm in the world certified for the repair of the CAP 10B wooden wings.

« This recognition by the American civil aviation authority is the acknowledgement of the know- how and expertise of Air Menuiserie, a unique French company in the aeronautical field. This wood and wood/composite craft is now transmitted to young workers, in order to perpetuate French aeronautical excellency », says Fabien Raison, Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer at AURA AERO.

Laurent Hard, Head of Production & Head of the Air Menuiserie plant, adds: « this recognition reinforces our engagement. The main objective of aeronautical carpenter is to handle each damage as an essential element in the life of the aircraft ».

About Air Menuiserie:

Launched in 1998, Air Menuiserie, located in Bernay in Normandy, France, specializes in the repair, restoration and manufacturing of wood and wood/composite aircraft. EASA and DGAC approved, the company holds over 40 years of experience and expertise. Since 2017, the company is a key-partner of AURA AERO, a digital and eco-efficient aircraft manufacturer, for the design and the manufacturing of their first aircraft, INTEGRAL. This partnership aims at improving the continuity of know-how in terms of wood/carbon aerostructures, through the training of young workers.

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