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Low-carbon aviation is speeding up. Green light for the construction of the AURA Factory, at Toulouse-Francazal airport.


AuraFactory ©Brunerie

AURA AERO, a pioneer in decarbonized aviation, is launching today the ‘AURA Factory’ project, the new site dedicated to the production of its INTEGRAL and ERA programs, at Toulouse-Francazal airport, France.

In view of its rapid growth and the ramp-up of its production (over 100 orders for INTEGRAL as well as Letters of Intent for 330 ERA aircraft), AURA AERO’s current infrastructures will develop very significantly in the near future.

In order to meet its industrial calendar, planning on a production start for ERA – the 19-seater regional electric-hybrid aircraft – as soon as the end of 2025, the manufacturer is planning to move, within the next thirty months, to this new site, bearing 40,000 sq.m of buildings.

The AURA Factory will gather both the Industrial center (INTEGRAL and ERA assembly lines, with sub- assembly production lines) and the Energy centre. It will also host the Design and advanced research department, as well as the Customer Center, the aircraft delivery center and of course the administrative, commercial and management teams.

The new site will be scaled to manufacture around 150 aircraft per year, 50 INTEGRAL and 100 ERA. Thus, the headcount will go from 130 people today to some 1,600 employees at maximum rate.

The ‘AURA Factory’ represents an investment of 150M€. Funded with the support of Toulouse-Métropole and the Occitanie Region, the buildings should come out of the ground after all the preliminary technical and administrative studies.

In line with the sustainable development approach which is at the heart of AURA AERO’s DNA, this project aims at being as integrated as possible within its environment, especially the scenery and its biodiversity. AURA AERO is committed, with the Brunerie architectural firm, to minimize the buildings’ carbon impact, notably through the use of bio-sourced materials and processes, and through the search for optimized, no air-conditioning heating systems, with simple regulation solutions.

Similarly, AURA AERO will do its utmost to carry out autonomous and virtuous operations, through minimal use of external resources such as water or electricity:

  • Onsite production and storage of electricity, for the needs of the buildings, for the industrial processes and for the charging of batteries, either for the manufactured aircraft or for the light logistics and employee vehicles;
  • Onsite processing of waste water;
  • Use of rainwater for sanitary facilities and watering.

Jérémy Caussade, co-founder and President of AURA AERO, says: “The trust that many international airlines place in us confirms the wish of the aviation sector to quickly shift towards decarbonization, with aircraft that better respect the environment. We aim at being among the leaders of this industrial revolution and we would like to express our gratitude to the regional communities, Toulouse Métropole and the Occitanie Region, for supporting us in the realization of this project, in a challenging time frame.”


A pioneer in low-carbon aviation, AURA AERO is committed to serve mankind by designing and manufacturing aircraft that accelerate air transport decarbonization, by industrializing disruptive technologies resolutely focused on the aviation of tomorrow. Combining the best in the aeronautical industry and digital technologies, AURA AERO manufactures aircraft that offer unrivaled efficiency on the market of eco-efficient vehicles.

Founded in 2018, AURA AERO is based at Toulouse-Francazal airport, France. In addition to its many shareholders, the manufacturer is supported by the Occitanie Region, the BPI (French Public Investment Bank) and the venture capital firm Innovacom. Laureate of “France Relance”, AURA AERO is a member of the steering committee of AZEA (Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation), a European Union initiative.

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