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EASA delivers the ‘Permit to fly’ to AURA AERO for INTEGRAL S, whose first flight should take place in the coming weeks



The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has just delivered to AURA AERO the “Flight Conditions”, prequel to the first flight of INTEGRAL S, the second aircraft of the INTEGRAL family.

Thanks to this document, the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) can now deliver the authorization for this new aircraft to begin its flight test campaign in the coming weeks, at the end of which it will obtain its CS-23 certification.

The second INTEGRAL R will join flight tests this spring.

The INTEGRAL family is a family of new generation two-seater aircraft with an aerobatics capacity, available in 3 versions: INTEGRAL R (taildragger landing gear, thermal engine), INTEGRAL S (tricycle landing gear, thermal engine) and INTEGRAL E (taildragger or tricycle landing gear, electric engine).

Jérémy CAUSSADE, co-founder, President and Chief Engineer of AURA AERO, said: « The entire AURA AERO team is very proud today to reach a new milestone in the INTEGRAL adventure. We are eager to see this new plane take off. The INTEGRAL family is already a great success, with over 400 orders or letters of intent. Let’s decarbonize light aviation! ».


A pioneer in low-carbon aviation, AURA AERO is committed to serve mankind by designing and manufacturing aircraft that accelerate air transport decarbonization, by industrializing disruptive technologies resolutely focused on the aviation of tomorrow. Combining the best in the aeronautical industry and digital technologies, AURA AERO manufactures aircraft that offer unrivaled efficiency on the market of eco-efficient vehicles.

Founded in 2018, AURA AERO is based at Toulouse-Francazal airport, France, and employs some 150 people. In addition to its many shareholders, the manufacturer is supported by the Occitanie Region, the BPI (French Public Investment Bank) and the venture capital firm Innovacom. Laureate of “France Relance”, AURA AERO is a member of the steering committee of AZEA (Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation), a European Union initiative.

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